Field Station 293

(Sv: Fältstation 293)

The Field Station collects images of how the landscape of Scania/Skåne has been affected by two industries – coal mining and sugar production – and displays them together with exhibited artworks by international artists.

Artworks are exhibited to give perspective and offer possibilities for interpretation of the landscape images in the collection. In 2022, we’re showing works by Karrabing Collective, and by Andrew Kötting.

The landscape images in the collection are the basis of the work at the Field Station. They are organized into thematic slideshows related to the two industries, according to principles of anthropology, geology, cultural geography, history, economy, politics, climate and ecology, but also consider the inner landscape, according to principles of literature, poetry, association, surrealism, anecdote, the sublime, and psychoanalysis.

Two slideshows presented in parallell give the audience opportunity to consider a third imagined image inbetween: a mood, a feeling, or a truth perceived rather than pronounced.

The Field Station is open to visitors, beginning summer 2022.

The work at the Field Station is made possible by generous support from Region Skåne.

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