I am Come Again (2022)

(Sv: Jag är kommen igen)

In an overlapping double projection, gates are opened for migrant labourers, refugees of war, inmates at mental asylums, survivors of concentration camps, and young women during war time, when the need for seasonal labour in the sugar industry and sugar farming exceeds the size of the regular labour force.

The opening of these gates is conditional, and temporary.

Three stories from the excluded are told to an answering machine. The editing of the video installation follows a musical score, with rises and falls of visual intensity, of visual harmonies and disharmonies.

I am Come Again is a follow-up and a companion piece to the older work I am Come (from 2020). It contains images of the short walk between the apartment which functioned as a refugee central for Nazi war criminals arriving in Malmö, and the nearby Jewish cemetery.


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