I am Unquenchable (2021)

(Sv: Jag är osläcklig)

Unending loop of children being lowered into a dark mining shaft. In place of a narrators voice-over, the video is accompanied by a live reading of quotes from various texts incorporated into a letter. The original letter is written by a coalminer who was blacklisted after taking part in a strike at the mine. The miner was forced to emigrate to America in order to find a new job. His letter is addressed to a son who was born after he left, to be read when the child is old enough to understand: ”Light an unquenchable flame against all the tyranny of this world”.

Camerawork and postproduction by D.o.P. extraordinaire Alex Germundsson. Actors in the video: Lola Marin, Majken Wetterstrand, Rosa Wetterstrand, Li Germundsson, and Lisa Brolin. The scrolling background was inspired by the elevator constructed by engineer Ivar Svedberg for Skånska Gruvan at the Stockholm Expo in 1897.

Recording a voiceover for I am Unquenchable, in front of a live audience


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