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X Opening of Field Station 293, summer 2022, in the small village of Höja in northwest Scania. Image archive on display, alongside artworks by invited international artists such as Karrabing Collective, and Andrew Kötting. The Field Station collects images of a landscape affected by the industries of coal mining and sugar production. X Upcoming residencyFortsätt läsa ”Latest News”

Field Station 293

(Sv: Fältstation 293) The Field Station collects images of how the landscape of Scania/Skåne has been affected by two industries – coal mining and sugar production – and displays them together with exhibited artworks by international artists. Artworks are exhibited to give perspective and offer possibilities for interpretation of the landscape images in the collection.Fortsätt läsa ”Field Station 293”

I am Come Again (2022)

(Sv: Jag är kommen igen) In an overlapping double projection, gates are opened for migrant labourers, refugees of war, inmates at mental asylums, survivors of concentration camps, and young women during war time, when the need for seasonal labour in the sugar industry and sugar farming exceeds the size of the regular labour force. TheFortsätt läsa ”I am Come Again (2022)”

I am Unquenchable (2021)

(Sv: Jag är osläcklig) Unending loop of children being lowered into a dark mining shaft. In place of a narrators voice-over, the video is accompanied by a live reading of quotes from various texts incorporated into a letter. The original letter is written by a coalminer who was blacklisted after taking part in a strikeFortsätt läsa ”I am Unquenchable (2021)”

I am Deep Learning (2021)

(Sv: Jag är djup inlärning) A group portrait of children from a mining village in Scania. The children are preparing to premiere a play about the child bride of the King under the Mountain, a girl who was abducted and forced to live the rest of her life underground. Some of these same children willFortsätt läsa ”I am Deep Learning (2021)”

I am Spirited Away (2020)

(Sv: Jag är bergtagen) An opera played out on two monolithic mobile phones. Mining companies colonising and exploiting human relationships and reproduction. A photograph of children in a Scanian mining village rehearsing a play about the child bride of the King under the Mountain; children of unwed mothers used as slave labour in the coalFortsätt läsa ”I am Spirited Away (2020)”

I am the Sun (2018)

(Sv: Jag är Solen) Stage performance with narrator, gospel choir, and double slideshow. Cultural expressions of the workers at the coal mines and the sugar factories, like their paintings, their poems and their songs, become expressions of their struggle for emancipation, and are subsequently colonised by the companies. Culture becomes an instrument of control, asFortsätt läsa ”I am the Sun (2018)”

I am Scania (2016)

(Sv: Jag är Skåne) A film edited by placing digital tablets on a conveyor belt. The tablets contain film clips, slideshows and images from two industries which have given form to the inner and outer landscape of Scania: the coal mines and the sugar factories. The film maps out factual and associative connections between theFortsätt läsa ”I am Scania (2016)”

Values (2022)

(Sv: Värderingar) Examining the collection of photographs documenting the work at the shipyards of Helsingborg, and documenting what is left out of the images. From what is considered worth documenting, we can deduce what value was placed on different segments in the production of a ship. The 2-channel video looks at how tools, time, bodyFortsätt läsa ”Values (2022)”

Isolator (2020)

(Sv: isolator) Porcelain figure produced by worker at the Ifö factory, with stolen raw material, on stolen time. The figure portrays a resting worker, contemplating the form of an electrical isolator. in the video, the figurine is rolled past the isolators in the factory storage space, in an endless loop. The Many of the migrantFortsätt läsa ”Isolator (2020)”

Phantom Zone Projector II (2020)

(Sv: Phantom Zone Projector II) Amir Heidari, smuggler of refugees, was filmed and interviewed in a Swedish prison, talking about a Europe without walls. A performance piece describes how various parties through the years have tried to influence different versions of the filmed material. Part of a series of videos on the lives of imagesFortsätt läsa ”Phantom Zone Projector II (2020)”

Sunshine Socialist Cinema

(Sv: Sunshine Socialist Cinema) Solarpowered, socialist outdoor cinema showing art videos to initiate political discussion with invited audiences. Main facility located in small village in northwest of Scanian countryside; touring in collaboration with various institutions, such as Moderna Museet, Statens Konstråd, Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, and more. Initiated in 2012, still ongoing. LearnFortsätt läsa ”Sunshine Socialist Cinema”